Buying an Antler Chandelier – The Essentials

An antler chandelier is a real centerpiece to any room, whether you choose a pared down version with only a couple of entwined antlers, or you decide to go the whole nine yards with several tiers of multiple antlers.

Deer shed their antlers naturally, so they haven’t necessarily been harmed in the making of a chandelier. But if you prefer, you can buy antler chandeliers made of synthetic materials or carved wood.

You can also buy painted antler chandeliers so you can mix and match with your existing décor.

These decorative items are increasing in popularity every day. Before buying an antler chandelier there are a few things to be considered.


You can hang an antler chandelier in just about any room you want, but wherever you want to put it, it needs to blend with your furniture and décor to look the best.

If you have a very rustic or traditional house, then natural antlers will look great. In a very modern home, a painted chandelier will probably blend in best. Both black and white are popular, or try an attractive limed or shaded effect.

You also need to think about ceiling height and room size, as you don’t want to have to duck your head every time you walk under your chandelier. A very large antler in a small room may be overpowering, whereas a small chandelier in a huge room might get lost in the space.

Another consideration is weight. You need to be sure that there’s sufficient rigidity and support in the ceiling where you want to put your chandelier, as well as the correct electrical wiring.


If you want a cozy effect then you need a warm bulb, either a few larger ones or multiple small ones to give a twinkly effect. If you’re concerned that there won’t be enough light, then you can also get antler wall sconces or table lamps to supplement the overhead light. Alternatively, you could get bright lights and use a dimmer switch for when you want to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Real or Man-Made?

If you buy from a conservation-minded business, you can be assured that their antlers are shed naturally and not from hunted animals. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of an animal product, or even if you’re on a budget, then man-made faux antlers are the way to go.

With faux antlers you get a wide choice of style and colors while still appearing natural.

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